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Digital In-Store

As shoppers become more digitally driven, retailers need to be using connected technology to bring new online and digital shopping experiences into bricks and mortar outlets.

Today, your stores need to be attractive and enticing destinations that shoppers not only want to visit, but want to spend time in. If they enjoy shopping in your store, they’ll spend more with you.

Connected technology is now a critical part of the in-store experience. Shoppers are carrying more sophisticated devices when they enter your store than ever before! You need to be able to embrace this change in shopping behavior, and have the right technology in place to provide your shoppers with a seamless in-store shopping experience.

Your multi-channel strategy must consider how appropriate your stores are for in-store technology channels such as interactive walls, kiosks, assistive tablets and mobile points of sale. Where you adopt these in the right way, there is no doubt that you will increase conversions in-store, drive revenue through assistive selling in-store and enhance the shopping experience.

Kiosks – standalone and integrated

Bring your full e-commerce range in-store with our intuitive, multi-touch and totally self-service kiosks. Through this connected technology, customers can browse and shop your entire product range in-store and gain access to more in depth product information.

Digital Signage

In-store entertainment is a driving force for retailers and a big contributor to the overall shopping experience. We work closely with our clients to ensure we’re at the cutting edge of technological innovations, and in-store digital signage such as social walls and interactive walls are key to enhancing the shopper’s experience.



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